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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Guthrie alumni actor John Carroll Lynch teamed up with Screenwriters' Workshop in May to read the script he co-authored with Tess Clark "Remember Minnesota." You all know John from his roles in FARGO and most recently ZODIAC. In the interview with FOX9, Brad Melby and Lynch talk about their plan to shoot the film in Minnesota in 2008.

Through the ScriptNight reading at the Ritz, the Workshop provides audiences, writers and actors with the opportunity to hear scripts in development read by professional actors and to gain insight prior to the film going into production. ScriptNight is presented on major stages including the Ritz Theater and the Guthrie Theaters new Dowling Lab, where works-in-progress are read.

The reading at the Ritz was produced by Robb Mitchell and Michael Maupin and featured a stellar cast including Mike Rylander, Stephen Pelinski, Bob Davis, Sara Marsh, Jonas Goslow, Maren Bush, Steve Yoakam, Sally Wingert, Brandon Ewald, Andrew Hovelson, and Sue Scott.

The reading of "Remember Minnesota" was made possible with financial contributions from Fredrikson & Byron, Ameriprise Financial, and the Minnesota Film and TV Board and with rooms provided our guests by Marriott Towne Place Suites.


zoom zoom said...

The reading at the Ritz Theater of this script was great -- the cast was made up of some of the best theater actors in Minnesota.

Sue Scott, who does a wide array of characters and voices on Prairie Home Companion is one of my favorite on-air voice actresses and did a brilliant reading of the stage directions.

Minnesota is really lucky to have such a strong talent base and an arts organization devoted to the film script. There a few places in the country that have a workshop devoted to script developing and screenwriting.

Kimber said...

Read Tracy McCormick's Morning After column account of this script reading:


Barry Morrow said...

This is a fabulous workshop and Minnesotan's ought to feel extremely lucky to have such dedicated and skilled producers like Robb Mitchell and Mike putting these reading before the public.

If screenwriters have a consistent and on-going opportunity to hear high-level scripts in the development phaze being read by talented actors like Sue Scott, Steve Yoakam, and Sally Wingert and the host of young talented up-and-comers that were on this stage -- it doesn't get any better than that no matter what city you are living in New York, L.A. or Minneapolis.

Minnesotans ought to cherish these great opportunties and support those who are doing such hard work to put talent and creative ideas together. Keep up the good work!