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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Laney Ross said...

Wow! Great filming! The acting was convincing. Thank you for refreshing an old story- i got teary at the gravestone...
Good job Katie!
Laney Ross

Anonymous said...

Great Job Katie you rock! I am veyr proud of you that was awesome and very convincing. Your a great actress keep up the great work!

Tamra Hannon

Jason said...

Good job Katie! That was awesome! Hollywood better watch out! :)

Jason Voerster

Chris Alexander said...

Katie, that was great!

And cheers to the others who worked on this film - awesome use of just a few short minutes.

Anonymous said...

At first, I was a bit put off at the steroetype of the cast out whore and the righteous nun but the story turns out to be more subtle and cuts against the grain than the stereotype suggests.

Most importantly, there is nothing to say she is actually a prostitute. That's a very big judgment and one that Sister Michal incorrectly assumes to be true. And the twsit is not as obvious as it seems on the surface.

I also think the subtlty lies as much in the unpsoken thoughts between the two main characters are as important as the words they express to each other. The director allows enough air in those moments for us to imagine what they are thinking or reacting internally and does not beat us over the head with too much dialogue and didacticism.

This short film is not as simple-minded as it might first appear and that is its strength. It can be difficult to bring layered meaning in the time frame of a short but this does it with efficiency.

shanna said...

Nice work Katie!! The ending gave me chills. Watch out Hollywood.

Great to see you.

Love shanna

Anonymous said...

Wow. Katie, that was amazing! The acting on everyone's part was fantastic and I love the story. It's good to see these two characters come together in the end, despite their differences. Congrats on the film debut Katie!

Erin Evenson

Anonymous said...

Diamond In the Ruff

as a person who has had this happen in real life.I thought the actors did a great job on the roles they played, the best point mad to me was the Quote it said it all who are we to judge any one for we all are just one life changing event away from our bottom.

so live love and help those who you would any other time overlook.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing interesting about this movie
is that you can so identify with the Sister
at the beginning, all her judgements, all her
comments and she's even funny
BUT she is so WRONG to judge
and that's the lesson

she's like the church today
and the Pope, being dragged unhappily
toward the image of God they only
wish they could condemn and cast off

Anonymous said...

This film brought tears to my eyes. The two lead characters are symbolic of the various insecurities we all carry inside us. We unfairly judge others and are afraid to trust, and are often self-righteous, cynical, and lost. Young or old, people just need to find that one person who makes a difference in their lives. This story made this so clear, and the actresses worked so well together in conveying their character's true selves. Brilliantly done!

Paradise said...

I was touched by this tale because it reminded me that even when I intend to not judge others, I do.

K E L S E Y said...

Rock on who ever did this film! I'm catholic, so I understood everything. Bravo on the acting! I loved the story even though the twist was not as noticable. Good message as well :)

Anonymous said...

This is the best entry of the competition in every aspect: screenwriting, direction, production values, acting. The screenwriter draws the characters with a refreshing frankness and sensitivity, while balancing the themes of judgment, understanding, mercy and compassion. It comes across as a very human story, but also very spiritual in its contingencies. It's unusual to see a budding writer tackle the transcendent, and succeed...a difficult task even outside the constraints of a short film competition. The director also rises to the occasion, handling an emotionally charged denouement with sensitivity and economy. There are a few flaws: the nun's character could have been more developed before happening upon the young woman; the fight scene could have been handled with more gusto; and, I'm sorry...not even a prostitute in a convent could take a pee that fast! But all told this is an excellent entry, head and shoulders above the rest in every respect. Hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. The ending brought tears to my eyes, and the focus of the writing on the grave marker even mustered up some guilt in myself, and I felt able to connect with the actor and how she was feeling at that moment. I felt the whole short was great--great acting, great filming. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well done. I agree that this film is far and away the best one of the lot.
Amazing lighting and production values. Nuanced performances, and subtle direction- how very refreshing to have a director give his audience some credit, rather than spelling it all out for us.
Really well done!

dolores said...

Brilliantly done, Katie! I am so impressed with your acting as well as your fellow actors! The story line kept me anxious to see what was going to happen next! I really enjoyed it and bravo to you, the actors and the production team! A great short if I ever saw one!
Congratulations! A winner!!!
Sincerely, Dolores

Todd said...

This film was most obviously directed by a professional who knows filmmaking. How to build a logical sequence of shots, light and direct actors and pace a story for a desired effect. The writer also accomplishes a lot with this short script. I enjoyed the ambiguities in the interaction between the Nun and the Girl.

For instance, is she being thrown out by her pimp or simply in a fight with a boyfiend? Is she asking for money to "drink away" or is she really just asking for bus faire home? In her appeal, does she really want to get on the bus that just happens to pull up or is it a cover? And then, after the Nun offers to "pay the driver" is she just going along without a specific destination and thus ends up following the Nun or was she telling the truth.

The writer and director let these questions linger in the air to keep us wanting to watch inorder to figure it out and it shows a level of mastery over story telling that does not exist in any of the other short dramas. The acting by the three major speaking characters is also the most accomplished of all the pieces. Good work.

Kristi said...

Absolutely beautiful - moved me to tears. What a beautiful reminder.

Tom Harding said...

Great job on the directing. Your were able to keep
suspense and draw a lot of emotion in a very short
period of time. The film was casted very well.

Shannon B. said...

You got to the heart of the matter! Great job!

patricia neal said...

i didn't expect to be moved, could see what was coming, but.... the acting was good, and the filming so soft and indirect, in a way, that it allowed me to experience two people coming home to themselves.