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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tribute to Blacklisted Screenwriter Trumbo

Isn't it unusual to find such high-praise for a screenwriter in Hollywood by some of its leading dignitaries?

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s notable journey from Hollywood nobility to McCarthy-ear blacklisted writer to Academy Award winner is a great story idea in itself. Focusing on Trumbo's own scripted words and attitudes, TRUMBO features performances of his letters, clips from his films and, archival and contemporary interviews with those who knew him best.

As an intellectual feisty man of the era, TRUMBO illustrates how one his steadfast belief in the First Amendment and the power of the written word - aided by a drink or two - empowered Dalton to battle back after his HUAC blacklisting that destroyed many in the film industry. If freedom means anything, it must have fighters like Dalton Trumbo on its side.

Blacklisting in America came at at time, not all the different than today, when the culture held high contempt for intellectuals and ideas. Accusations flew about and the acquisitors had little need to prove their claims to assure their motives were pure. The only shallow motive needed as proof was "patriotism." Yet, quite clearly those who bashed, battered and threw American principles of political freedom to waste bins of government ruled the day.

Forced to write underground, the exposition of his letter writing became the chief repository of Trumbo’s phenomenal reasoning talents, and serve as a exceptionally entertaining tribute to his creative intellect, acerbic humor, and authentic resilience against powerful yet brutishly dull men.

TRUMBO is slated to open in cinema's at the end of June.

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Motorokr said...

now that's a full lived life with ups and downs! Good to see it ended on a high note!