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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Directed by: Don McKellar
Starring: Don McKellar, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mark Rendall, Dave Foley

M-SPIFF got yet another make-over. This time not quite as considerable as changing its name from Rivertown International Film Festival to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. Instead of Ms. PIFF, it will now be referred to as M-SPIFF on Em Spiff.

We are often considered to be, almost-Canadian since crossing the border into Canada used to practically go unnoticed, at least into Manitoba. Hence it is always inspiring to see a great line-up of film from Canada in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival. Opening the festival tomorrow night will be Don McKeller's comic commentary CHILDSTAR at the Historical State Theater in downtown Minneapolis.

McKeller who will be on stage to introduce his film in which he also stars as a struggling Canadian independent filmmaker hired to drive the limo for a spoiled American child actor, played by Mark Rendall, brought to Toronto to shoot a cheesy Hollywood movie. The cross-references between Hollywood and the Canadian Hollywood North provide perfect satire for Minnesotan's living in the fly-over zone.

CHILDSTAR is funny and at moments the satire biting and should please the opening night consort at the State Theater.

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