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Monday, February 07, 2005


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The 2005 line-up for South by Southwest (SXSW), a top venue for emerging filmmakers and new films, will premiere Minnesota documentary filmmaker Melody Gilbert's LIFE WITHOUT PAIN on March 12th. Gilbert's film is one of eight in competition for recognition in the feature documentary category with the annual Austin film festival.

A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN provides a portrait of three families from Minnesota, Norway and Germany with children suffering from a genetic affliction causing the inability to feel pain. In a society preoccupied with masking, hiding, covering and alleviating pain, Gilbert's exploration raises uncanny insights into pain as a prerequisite to human survival. The Minnesota family depicted in the film will also be in Austin for the world premiere.

Gilbert's previous documentary films have brought significant national attention and, at times consternation, most recently her 2003 film WHOLE that aired on the Sundance Channel caused shock and dismay from smashmouth radio jocks Rush Limbaugh and KQRS Tom Bernard. WHOLE examined perspectives of people who seek to amputate healthy portions of their bodies as they become psychologically disassociated with their appendages.

Gilbert also produced the 2002 documentary MARRIED AT THE MALL and has written, directed, produced and shot her own films. SXSW Film & Music Festival runs from March 11th thru the 20th in Austin, Texas.

A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN will also be screened in April at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, the largest annual film event in the upper midwest. SXSW is quickly emerging as one of the leading film festivals for the discovery of new American filmmakers and films with a distinctive independent edge.


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